Day Two

Vista 2010-11 Day Two was explosive, showing great participation and intensity, and surpassed everyone’s expectations in terms of participation and range of events. The flagship event of the day, Bzzwings saw truly innovative, socially beneficial ideas take the laurels. First prize winners, Aqua Nautica, had the idea of starting transportation services on India’s many rivers. Second prize winners, RTI Nation had already started a web portal that makes it easy to file RTI applications.

New events like Retailer, an event about one of the fastest growing segments of the economy, saw great enthusiasm with over 130 participants. Private equity quiz Finesse also saw extensive participation and competition.  The day concluded with a talk by Arun Shourie, the former minister for disinvestment and IT, government of India. Addressing a packed house at Vista, Shourie described how the Indian savings rate had gone up in the recent years heralding a change in the structure of the economy. He spoke at length about what IIM-B students could do, and needed to do, in order to help India face its challenges. He emphasized that entrepreneurs and professionals must resist the temptation of being self-serving and personally take up any one important, social issue. That would bring the kind of civil society pressure that would change government policy, indeed, change the nature of the government and its leaders. He highlighted that India needs a culture of excellence, and the students of IIM-B must act as the exemplars of such a change.

The evening saw IIM-B play host to corporate and students in Post-Meridian, a corporate networking event. The cool evening and verdant campus hosted a perfect opportunity for students and corporate professionals to interact in a more personal setting.

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Day One

Vista 2010-11 kicked off in style today with a grand inauguration ceremony held in the auditorium, attended by more than 200 participants both from IIM-B and outside. The podium was held by esteemed guests – Mr Zhooben Bhiwandiwala (EVP, Mahindra Partners), Mr. Prince Augustine(EVP, Human Capital) and Prof. B. Mahadevan (Dean, Administration IIMB).

The opening events saw a great response with the quant focused game Get Nashty having such overwhelming participation that organizers had to book an extra room to accommodate everyone. The exciting new trading game Nilaami was rocked by three times the number of expected participants, with 200 people turning up. Other new events like Excelsior and Darwin’s Darling were great successes as well, having drama, tension and intense involvement from both participants and judges.

Vista 2010-11 also had its dose of relaxation, with participants making full use of the rock climbing and gaming facilities that were available. The Xbox consoles were a big draw for those looking for a break from the intensity of Day One.

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Vista Inauguration

Vista 2010-11 was formally declared open today in the presence of esteemed guests – Mr Zhooben Bhiwandiwala (EVP, Mahindra Partners), Mr. Prince Augustine (EVP, Human Capital) and Prof. B. Mahadevan (Dean, Administration IIMB). All the guests shared their thoughts on the theme of Vista this year- Scripting the future.

Prof. B Mahadevan shared his views on the idea of value migration. He stressed that the concept of value demanded by the market is evolving continuously. What held importance in past is no longer relevant, and so he urged students to use these three days as an opportunity to think about the problems gripping the country even when solutions may not be immediately in sight.

Mr. Zhooben talked about how closely the values of Mahindra & Mahindra group are inclined with the theme Vista has chosen. He mentioned how M&M is working towards sustainability and social inclusion and how the group has undergone value migration over the past decades. He gave examples like Mahindra Finance that is working on social inclusion by providing credit to people excluded from banking.

Mr. Prince Augustine put forward several illustrating examples and phrases. For example, he quoted,   “Illiterates are not those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. He stressed on need of rejuvenating skill sets as well as uniting together in order to script the future.

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Shobhaa De attending Media Conclave, Vista 2010-11

Even as we hear the name Shobhaa De, what rings in our minds is a multi-faceted personality: a model, novelist, columnist and what not!

Born as Shobha Rajadhyaksha, this eminent figure, after establishing the Shobhaa De brand in the modelling business, wanted to try her hand at new avenues such as journalism, novel-writing and even writing scripts for advertising. It is of little surprise that here too she came out with resounding success.

The theme of Shobhaa’s writings have been on different aspects of urban India, with a special focus on the the socialite life of celebrities.

Known as India’s Jackie Collins, Shobhaa is known for speaking her mind in her works and strongly expresses her disapproval for the behaviour displayed by the present day youth. Being mired in controversies has not been new to her; she has been held culpable for bringing about a sexual revolution through her writings in the column, The Sexes of the magazine The Week and has been criticized for her erotic subject matter.

In the early 1980s, she contributed to the Sunday magazine section of the Times of India. She later played a pivotal role in bringing out three magazines namely Stardust, Society and Celebrity which have a vast readership till date. Presently, she is working as a columnist and writes for the magazine ‘The Week’. In her current periodical, she focuses on various issues concerning the society.

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Arun Shourie to speak at Vista 2010-11

Vista continues its tradition of playing host to a range of eminent personalities. One of the key speakers this year is Mr. Arun Shourie who as we all know,  wears many hats with equal ease. He’s played the role of a journalist, author, columnist, editor, politician and administrator. Widely respected for his intellectual prowess and tenacity, he has been described as a preacher, a missionary and a crusader.

These diverse analogues reflect different facets of the writer who has constantly stirred Indians towards an examination of their polity and their conduct as individuals within it. Born to a civil servant in Jalandhar, Arun Shourie has traveled a great distance from being the editor of The Indian Express to the Minister of Disinvestment in the Vajpayee Government.

Mr. Shourie has a well-earned reputation of being fearless, and he has taken on governments, politicians, corporate houses and even his own party. Winner of the Magsaysay Award for Journalism, he is author of more than 25 books and has come up with some choice phrases like “Alice in Blunderland”.

If there is anything that has characterized his career, from his days as a journalist right up to the point where he finished with his ministerial charge, it has been his personal courage and his commitment to really transforming India. He has played a crucial role in projecting media as a fourth pillar of democracy by standing up against corruption and injustice.

His speech on 2nd October will give insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie in store for India’s quest to becoming a great power.

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Use of social networking for promoting Vista

At IIM Bangalore, we pride ourselves on keeping in touch with the pulse of the world around us. Team Vista is further committed to making every effort a pioneering one. We have thus adopted social networking and the internet wholeheartedly to promote Vista. This has given us increased visibility and extensive publicity at low costs.

Thanks to the burgeoning list of virtual friends that each of us have, we have successfully reached a large set of people who we know share our interests and will be excited by Vista. Our belief has been vindicated by the flurry of mails that flood our inboxes soon after our posts on various forums. The wide variety of forums  has helped us target the entire spectrum of educational institutions and corporates. In keeping with the impatience of modern living, it is also much faster and very efficient.

The most popular promotional item has been the Vista Zoomer game, an exciting car racing game developed specially for Vista 2010-11. The link is given here:!/apps/application.php?id=151509574878276

The response to this game has been tremendous, and it tells us our strategy has been correct. Social networking is the communication tool of the new Renaissance and it is only apt that Vista 2010-11 with the theme of  ‘Scripting the Future’ has chosen to assert its presence with an internet footprint.

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The Wheel – Innovation through the ages

The Vista poster explores scripting the future in the language of the earliest and most influential inventions of all times- “The Wheel”.  The wheel has both literally and metaphorically been a source of movement and change. It has led to the occurrence of some of the most significant events through history. One might ask why showcase the past when we must look to the future. It is the sum total of all the experiences, intellectual enrichment that man has undergone over the years which has poised us at this momentous juncture where we can influence our future. This is a journey through time tracing the innovations across all ages.

The rough hewn wheels of the Stone Age are a tribute to our origins. The humble cave dwellings gave birth to the earliest entrepreneurs-those who dared to think beyond the obvious. Civilization began with the discovery of fire and the first wheel.

Medieval ages brought the renaissance. A new age of questioning created curious minds who wanted to explore new frontiers. The first era of globalization began with sea voyages and treasure expeditions.

The next momentous event in the history of our times is the industrial revolution. It was the single most important occurrence which changed the face of the world as we know it now. Transport systems, manufacturing industries, automation are but spin offs from the invention of the steam engine- the earliest “wheels” of the recent past.

We now live in an increasingly digitised world where information is power. Communication is the key to success. Our life has become inseparably intertwined with computers and the internet. The speeds at which information flies across the world still has the capacity to amaze even the jet setting generation.

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